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Community Winterhelp Inc. is a 501(c)3 charitable organization made up of assistance agencies in the metropolitan Louisville area.  Founded in 1983, its mission is to assist low income families with utility bill assistance during the winter months (January through April) to assure that families have heat in their home.

In partnership with LG&E, Community Winterhelp funding is comprised of donations from LG&E customers through the check-off system on their gas and electric bill.  LG&E provides a 25% to 100% donation match per dollar donation from LG&E customers made through the year.  An average of $245,000 is raised each year for Winterhelp to be used for families in need.


Since 1983, Winterhelp has raised over $6.75 million, with more than $2.23 million of that has been donated by LG&E.  Those dollars raised went to help over 33,110 families pay their heating bills over the years.  

Thanks to our donors, contributions to Winterhelp exceeded $352,000 allowing 1,867 families to be receive assistance during the 2014 winter months. The maximum benefit a family can receive is $250, however the average this past year was $181.

Winterhelp services are provided through its 19 service partners that include 16 Community Ministries serving residents in Jefferson County and 3 Community Action Agencies with offices in the outlying counties for residents in those areas.

Eligibility guidelines are established by the Winterhelp Board which is comprised of community partners and private representatives. 

Eligibility is determined by dire financial situation and lack of resources, leaving a family with no heat or the immediate prospect of no heat; and by a family who is elderly, very young, seriously ill or disabled. LG&E plays no part in determining eligibility. 

Families applying for assistance are interviewed by Winterhelp service partners.


Community Winterhelp is governed by a Board of Directors representing organizations that serve low income and disadvantaged families.  The Board sets policy for the program and contracts with local ministries and Community Action Partners that provide the direct services to Winterhelp clients.

Community Winterhelp Board of Directors

Board Position

Name , Position,  and Organization Represented


Marlon Cummings

Executive Director

J-Town Ministries



Mary Bryan

Consumer Representative


Secretary & Treasurer


Emilie Dyer
Family Coach
Americana Community Center



Darrell Aniton

Outreach & Advocacy Manager

Louisville Metro Community Action Partnership



Liza C. Casis

Program Director

Affordable Energy Corporation



Katrina Clark

Customer Commitment

Louisville Gas & Electric



Cathy Hinko

Executive Director

Metropolitan Housing Coalition



Cassandra Miller

Program Manager

Louisville Metro Government




Artie N. Robertson, CPA

Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Louisville Urban League



Jan Sherrell

Senior Manager, Basic Needs

Metro United Way


John Young


Legal Aid Society



Community Winterhelp Inc.        1535 West Broadway, Louisville, KY 40203         502.561.6836